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The Susan Handy School of Dance trains children from the age of 2½. The pupils begin with Music & Movement classes and progress on to Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Creative Dance, Musical Theatre and Tap (see classes below).
ADULT CLASSES are offered for all levels in Ballet, Ballet Stretch and Tap.

Susan Handy trained at The Royal Ballet School and went on to dance professionally with Sir Kenneth MacMillan, Dame Peggy Van Praagh and Dame Margot Fonteyn.  Her love of dance and its artistic discipline is something that is carried throughout the school. The teachers are all highly qualified and experienced in their field.  As well as dancing for pleasure and fitness, the pupils are encouraged to participate in examinations, competitions and summer schools. Every other year they will have the opportunity to take part in a full scale production at the Farrer Theatre, Eton College where they will experience the thrill of performing on stage in full costume and in front of an audience. Over the years the school has provided dancers for many local and national events including the annual Rose Show at Windsor Castle, Datchet and Dorney Fetes, The Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo, The Royal Horticultural Show at Wisley and The Lord Mayors Show, amongst others.
Some pupils will pursue a career in dance while others enjoy classes purely for the love of dance.  Dancing offers great benefits for healthy bodies and healthy minds.  Through attending class, pupils of any age will enhance their co-ordination, motor skills and musicality at the same time as increase their confidence levels and social skills.
The pupils are nurtured and stimulated whilst the discipline of a professional environment is maintained.  Punctuality, politeness, correct uniform and hair are essential in all classes.

Past pupils of the school include members of the Royal family, children of Hollywood actors and celebrities from the world of Rock ’n’ Roll.

Susan Handy Dance has an Outreach dance company called The Elite Group who train once a week at the school in order to perform at local charity events, hospitals and care homes.  The Elite Group was started in order for the school to give something back to the community.



The School offers classes in

CLASSICAL BALLET - Classical Ballet training offers great benefits for healthy bodies and healthy minds developing natural co-ordination, balance, agility and artistic appreciation.  The discipline of ballet provides the body with strength and good posture whilst focusing and stimulating the mind.  With regular classes a child will develop and stimulate their musicality and imagination, gain confidence in their physical abilities and enhance their social skills.  The ballet classes are accompanied by a live pianist.


MUSIC & MOVEMENT or BABY BALLET - Music & Movement or Baby Ballet classes are for children aged between 2½ and approximately 4 years old. This magical class involves mime and the imagination with very basic introductions to the ballet and dance technique.


MODERN JAZZ - Modern dance covers various styles of movements including Lyrical, Blues, Jazz and Funk. All work is technically based and therefore it is recommended that pupils study Ballet at the same time in order to gain the strength needed to enter for Modern exam Grades 2 and above.  Modern Jazz develops strength, flexibility and artistry.  This class focuses on fun within the discipline of the work.


TAP - Apart from being an essential skill for the professional dancer, tap dance is one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance. Tap is a great choice for promoting co-ordination, a sense of rhythm, and for strengthening and loosening foot, ankle and leg muscles. Tap is a popular choice with all age groups. Younger students delight in their ability to dance and make sound at the same time. More advanced students find great satisfaction in achieving and performing technically complex steps and rhythms.


CONTEMPORARY DANCE - Katie Cambridge is a professional Contemporary Dancer.  Her classes focus on strength, resistance and co-ordination using the whole body throughout the class involving upright and floor work.   With influences from a variety of contemporary techniques, Katie brings together a combination of falling, shifting and transferring weight through the body to help influence a powerful but efficient way of moving through space.


CREATIVE DANCE - Creative dance is centred around individuality and the use of one's imagination. We aim to embody the skills gained from other disciplines such as Ballet and Modern Dance and utilise them to maintain a solid foundation of movement technique. This underlying foundation should allow the students to then explore and discover their own unique movement possibilities.  We strip away habit and familiarity and delve into the exciting, the unknown and the surprising. The participants are encouraged to abandon aesthetics and embrace sensations, taking focus away from how their movements look to the outside eye.


BODY CONDITIONING - The Body Conditioning class focuses on endurance, stamina and flexibility plus the strengthening of all muscle groups in order to improve the students’ ability and avoid the risk of injury while dancing. Through circuit, pyramid and interval training, isometric and dynamic exercises these sessions aim to increase physical fitness levels and build a stronger and safer body for dancing.


MUSICAL THEATRE - A one hour class where the students learn to sing, dance and act.  These classes are great for building confidence and developing lifelong skills through exploring the students creativity and independent thinking.


GCSE DANCE - GCSE Dance helps students develop technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of dance.  This four unit specification enables students to: increase their confidence and self-esteem, employ the skills of problem solving and creativity, enhance their creative knowledge in choreography.  It allows students to actively and physically demonstrate their abilities through the controlled assessment which is worth 60% of the qualification and the practical exam, worth 20%. This course provides a solid foundation for a career in dance or performing arts and/or further studies in dance or performing arts, including A-level Dance.


ADULT BALLET - Our adult ballet classes are suitable for all abilities. For those who danced when they were young and would like to take it back up, and for those who have never tried but have always fancied giving it a go! Dancing is the best form of exercise as it challenges the brain to muscle connection and through regular aerobic training that incorporates some type of dance at least once a week, anyone can maximize their brain function.


BALLET STRETCH - This is gentle, basic ballet class for all levels and all ages focusing on stretching the muscles and increasing flexibility and fitness.


ADULT TAP - Whether you are a beginner or have tapped before, Adult Tap classes are great for keeping fit and having fun. Tap improves co-ordination, fitness and motor skills.


We also provide classes at the following Schools and Clubs:
Brigidine School in Windsor, St Bernard's Preparatory School in Slough, The Montessori Nurseries in Old Windsor and Datchet, Holyport College near Maidenhead, Old Vicarage School in Richmond, The Hurlingham Club in Putney and Bramley School in Tadworth, Surrey.

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Tuesday - Wednesday – Thursday
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