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  • ATTENDANCE Posted on 21 June 2018

    Dear Parents

    The show is now a matter of weeks away. It is critical that your child attends all classes and rehearsals from here on in.  Jane is receiving emails daily from the teachers reporting missing children in classes.  They are trying to finish the show dances or are adding a few new bits to the dances and each time someone is not there they have to repeat the work the following week which is not fair on them or the children who are in the classes.

    My staff have been to many classes to fit costumes over the past weeks only to find children not there and have had to return the following week.  Everything we do for the show is on a VOLUNTARY basis - all the admin, sewing and costume fitting so please let us know if for some reason you are not coming to class so as not to waste anybody's time.

    I know that lives are busy and that most of ours are spent driving our children from A to B etc etc but over the next few weeks it really would be appreciated if you can attend regularly.

    Sue Handy


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