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  • WATCHING WEEK Posted on 03 December 2019

    As the end of term approaches so does Watching Week. From Saturday 7th to Friday 13th December do go along and watch your child's classes and see what they have been learning this term.
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The SH Modern Company who danced at the switching on of the Christmas lights in both Eton and Windsor on Thursday and Saturday, They danced three great  numbers choreographed by Miss Helen.

The full company will be dancing again at a residential care home in Maidenhead for senior citizens at the end of the month. 

A big ‘Thank You’  to all the company for dancing so well, to Mrs Pigo and Mrs Lidgate for organising the costumes and the admin and to Miss Helen, Miss Tanja, Miss Jenni  and Miss Pi for producing the great dances.


Aerial arts specialist Imogen founder of Airhoop came and gave our students a very exciting and fun workshop experience last week.  

Each student got to experience and learn how to perform in the air on the hoop and also on how to use aerial silks.  


It was great to see the students achieve more than they thought they could, learning a new skill/way to perform and use their dance technique in a different way.        



Sue Man Scholarship

In order that the school will always remember Sue Man who, together  with Mrs Pigo,  ran the school’s costume department so brilliantly. Sue sadly died of cancer last year. 

I have initiated a scholarship in her name to be awarded to the student whom the teachers feel is a worthy recipient by the nature of the way she has worked over the past years. It will take the form of a bursary of £100.00 and can be used to buy pointe shoes or go towards his or her fees. It is the recipient’s choice. 

This year all teachers agreed that Rebecca Davies would be the first student to be awarded the grant. She is a very diligent student, a good class assistant, reliable, always willing to help the teachers and me and is always cheerful. 

I feel so strongly we must never forget Sue and all she did for my school. 

Sue Handy 




Please note that all trial classes must be booked in advance by emailing the office or calling 07515 270432.

If your child decides that this is not for her/him, there is no charge or obligation.

For your trial class, please dress your child comfortably. Girls, if you don’t have a leotard please wear leggings or a skirt and T-shirt. Boys, a pair of shorts and T-shirt is appropriate. If ballet shoes are not available the trial class should be danced in bare feet.

If your child needs your presence in the classroom during the first class, this is fine. Once she/he is settled in class, however, we do prefer that you leave them to it, except for music & movement classes where you are able to watch each week. 

If you would like to continue with classes then you may join for the remainder of the term and will be charged on a pro rata basis. You will need to complete the Booking Form (downloadable) and send it to Susan Handy School of Dance, 20 Eton Road, Datchet, Berkshire SL4 9AY, together with the Registration Fee (£20), once received an invoice will be sent to you for the terms fees.

Once you have joined, please be on time for each class! Being late disturbs the children already in class and often makes the latecomers uncomfortable.  If you are late, please ensure that your child is completely ready before quietly entering the room. Parents are asked not to interrupt the class once it has started.

Please be advised that the taking of photographs in the classroom is strictly prohibited except on our special “Watching Days” at the end of each term.

School Terms and Conditions:-


Contact Details

Susan Handy School of Dance Office Only
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01753 542672

Email:  Eton/Windsor/Datchet
​           office@susanhandydance.co.uk
Holyport College

Tuesday - Wednesday – Thursday
09:30 to 2.30pm
Jane Lidgate - Finance Director/Senior Administrator - 07515 270432
Liz Penness - Administrator for Woking - 07592 874958