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  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Posted on 24 July 2018

    We have now broken up for the holidays and will return on Saturday 15th September. Have a wonderful summer!
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Dear Pupils, Parents and all involved in the performances,

I just want to say a big thank to you all for helping me produce three truly wonderful shows over the weekend .I was rather overcome, as those who were in the theatre on Sunday witnessed, when I went on stage to thank many of those involved in this year’s production. I have to admit I am very proud of what has been achieved.

Thank you too for all your emails expressing your appreciation. It is so kind of you to write. One parent wrote that she loved seeing how much the girls enjoyed the back stage experience, the camaraderie and the SH ‘family’.

Sleeping Beauty is one of the very great classical ballets and, for a school to be able to produce what was seen over the weekend, is magnificent. I have the most amazing teachers who, with Jack Murphy and Matthew Powell, helped me to produce what I was told by many was a wonderful production for the school. I cannot thank them enough. Not only did they choreograph, rehearse and encourage the students they were backstage helping there too and were an absolute delight to be with. Helen Imison, the new head of the Modern Faculty, has raised the standard to great heights and in the Showcase one fabulous number followed another

When watching in the wings I was blown away by the joy on the children’s faces. They were all enjoying the experience of performing in a professional theatre; working so hard. That for me is the ethos of my school.

I want to thank all the parents, past and present, past students who all gave so much of their time to help me this year.  I am very indebted to those who helped at rehearsals, helped sew, ironed the costumes, made the props, looked after the children backstage, dealt with the advertising and production of the programme, assisted Jonathan Carroll front of house, organised the foyer catering and helped put all the costumes away. I do not know how I would have survived without Jane and Liz who ran the admin and secretarial side and helped Laura Pigo who produced and designed the costumes, Sally Weston who looked after the children back stage, technical staff Simon, Eamonn. Charley, Matthew Evered and Scott Handy (no relation) of Eton College. I hope I have not forgotten anyone.

I wish you all a very happy and relaxing holiday and thank you for trusting me to teach and give your children a love of dance.

Sue Handy



Don't forget you can order the photos online and get your DVD orders in to the office so you do not miss out. Forms can be downloaded here.

Link to pictures:


To get the password for the pictures please email Jane at office@susanhandydance.co.uk

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Don't forget to check out our Events page for all the events we have coming up next term.


Thought we would share some of the lovely comments we have received regarding the show...
What a truly magnificent show!   Congratulations to everyone involved. We loved watching all the wonderful talent and creativity.  I also loved seeing how much my girls enjoyed the backstage experience, the camaraderie and the SH “family”.  Thank you for everything you do for these girls.

It really was a spectacular show. The dancers were obviously amazing but the choreography, costumes and lighting were also equally impressive. Please pass on my congratulations to all involved.  Enjoy the break once it’s all over.  

Congratulations on a truly fantastic show last night. It was outstanding and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was extremely impressed with the standard all round, I thought it was wonderful.  Well done to all the teachers and students! 

I wanted to say a huge well done for the show - I thought it was absolutely amazing!  The best compliment I think comes from my husband. He said 'Normally I sit through these things to watch my 2 daughters and the bits they aren't in I'm really not that interested in. BUT this show I thought was fantastic and I loved every single one of the dances and the ballet and would actually happily watch it even if my daughters were not in it!'  I hope you all have a relaxing and restful summer, you've earned it!

I have to say I watched the show twice yesterday and It’s the best show I’ve ever seen.   Absolutely wonderful and a real treat!
Both shows were amazing! A big thank you to Jane, the teachers and the whole team for your endless work over the last 6 months and for keeping sane co-ordinating SO many children and costumes. The girls have enjoyed themselves so much being a part of this and the faces of pride and joy from all generations in the audience speak for themselves. Thank you again for being so patient with the kids and their parents!

We all really enjoyed the show on Saturday and had a great time. Those little ducks were so cute and funny!

Wow wow wow!! this years show was absolutely brilliant, the best so far I think? The standard of dance, the costumes and the amazing choreography all made for a wonderful performance, well done to all of you!

One word. Incredible! Two words. Absolutely incredible! You deserve a knighthood for achieving that show. Every single child excelled and every parent, grandparent, friend, relative was speechless with pride.  Heartfelt congratulations to you Jane, Mrs Handy and your team of teachers. What an absolute privilege to feel part of your institution.

Just wanted say CONGRATULATIONS on the fantastic show!!. We watched it yesterday and it just seems to get better and better every year, so professionally put together and the dancing is amazing!

I just wanted to say a huge well done and thank you for all your and the teams efforts this weekend across all the dance shows. It was an incredible weekend, which my husband and I and our girls thoroughly enjoyed. The level of organisation involved and logistics of managing so many small people could have been no easy feat!! But it was executed perfectly and always with smiles. I hope you now manage to have a very well-deserved rest along with all your helpers. Please do pass our thanks to them all.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the hours and hours that you have given to make this weekend's shows such a success. We have been so impressed by the productions and our family and friends who came could not believe how professional and slick they were.  I was absolutely bowled over by Sleeping Beauty last night- such beautiful dancing and it was hard to believe that this was a production by a dance school as there were many times when I felt I could be watching professionals dancing. So exquisite and I was so moved.

I just wanted to say a big thank you and congratulations for a truly brilliant show this weekend. My husband and I were both struck by the exceptional standard of all the dancing  and the professional standard of the production from the costumes to the staging. I know you have put so much time and energy into it and I just want to say how much that showed. Thank you for all you do. 

I just wanted to send my congratulations on a fantastic show yesterday. The organisation was incredible (Jane - I don't know how you do it and still manage to always have a smile on your face!) and the standard of dance, performance, choreography and costumes was mind blowing. It is amazing what the school achieved.  As a Mum, that's all you really want!

I know you have had a trillion emails but I just wanted to say I was blown away by the standard of the show.   From the first dancer to the last, they all looked like they adored being on stage and they looked like they could have been on at the West End or Sadler's Wells.  I had no idea the standard of dancing Mrs Handy and the team produce was so high, wow is all I can say.  I liked it so much, I cancelled my dinner plans on Sunday to come again!. 

I just wanted to say how AMAZING I thought the show was at the weekend - so amazing I saw it twice! Please could you pass on my huge congratulations to Sue - and thank her so much for allowing my daughter to be a part of a really fabulous experience. She loved it - to be part of such a professional performance of Sleeping Beauty was a really wonderful thing for her. My Mum, also came along on the Saturday evening. She went to Sue's adult ballet classes for a long time about 14 years ago and wanted to pass on her congratulations for such an amazing show. We were both blown away by the performance of Sleeping Beauty. Everyone looked like they were thoroughly enjoying it, everyone had great parts and the leading dancers were incredible.  And thank you for all the emails - all the instructions for everything were so clear and everything ran so smoothly. That is a huge task!

I wanted to write and thank you for such incredible performances.  I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect!  We were unable to take part in the last show as we were on holiday, so this was all new to me. I have never experienced anything quite like it.  It was like being in central London watching a pro show.  I had tears in my eyes during sleeping beauty, the standard was something I was also not prepared for, fabulous.   I know my daughter has loved it, and seeing her passion in her eyes on the stage was something I won’t forget.  Please thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. 


Many of you ask the difference between the Grade and Standard exams and classes.  We have therefore included this information in the available downloads for your perusal below and on the Contact Us page.



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New Classes

Brand New Acro Jazz (7+) Tuesdays 4.30-5.30pm Old Windsor

Grade 1 Modern (6+) Thursdays 4.30-5.15pm Eton Wick
Grade 1 Tap (6+) Thursdays 5.15-6.00pm Eton Wick

GCSE Dance (13+) Eton and Woking - Please email the office for details.

Come along for a FREE trial class to any of our classes.

Adult Ballet Stretch - Baldwin Institute Wednesdays 7.00-8.00pm

Beginners Adult Tap - The Scout Hut, Datchet Wednesdays 8.30-9.15pm

Adult Ballet Stretch - Bishop David Brown School, Woking Wednesdays 8.00-9.00pm

Please note that all trial classes must be booked in advance by emailing the office or calling 07515 270432.

If your child decides that this is not for her/him, there is no charge or obligation.

For your trial class, please dress your child comfortably. Girls, if you don’t have a leotard please wear leggings or a skirt and T-shirt. Boys, a pair of shorts and T-shirt is appropriate. If ballet shoes are not available the trial class should be danced in bare feet.

If your child needs your presence in the classroom during the first class, this is fine. Once she/he is settled in class, however, we do prefer that you leave them to it, except for music & movement classes where you are able to watch each week. 

If you would like to continue with classes then you may join for the remainder of the term and will be charged on a pro rata basis. You will need to complete the Booking Form (downloadable) and send it to Susan Handy School of Dance, 20 Eton Road, Datchet, Berkshire SL4 9AY, together with the Registration Fee (£20), once received an invoice will be sent to you for the terms fees.

Once you have joined, please be on time for each class! Being late disturbs the children already in class and often makes the latecomers uncomfortable.  If you are late, please ensure that your child is completely ready before quietly entering the room. Parents are asked not to interrupt the class once it has started.

Please be advised that the taking of photographs in the classroom is strictly prohibited except on our special “Watching Days” at the end of each term.

Contact Details

Susan Handy School of Dance Office Only
20 Eton Road, Datchet, Berkshire SL3 9AY
01753 542672

Email:  Eton/Windsor/Datchet
​           office@susanhandydance.co.uk
Holyport College

Tuesday - Wednesday – Thursday
09:30 to 2.30pm
Jane Lidgate - Finance Director/Senior Administrator - 07515 270432
Liz Penness - Administrator for Woking - 07592 874958